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Celebrated for 2 days in September starting from one Day before the Full Moon Day of Tawthalin


Myinkaba village, Bagan, Mandalay Region


The market like environment around the pagoda prompts tourists to buy from merchants. Offerings and figurines of the Lord Buddha’s incarnations are paraded around the pagoda.

Villagers celebrate this festival in September at Myinkaba Village, Bagan. Merchants flock around the market at the Manuha pagoda bringing ox-carts filled with goods to be sold to locals and tourists. A variety of items can be found in the market, like delicacies, handicrafts and farm produce. The earnings proceed to be donated to the monks and temples. In the day, locals walk around parading the offerings and donations as well as participating in parading paper figurines that represent the many incarnations of the Lord Buddha. During nighttime, villagers continue celebrating the festival by dancing and participating in plays.

Other Festivals in September

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival

Date: September (1st Waxing to 3rd Wanning Day of Thadingyut)
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