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Celebrated for 18 days from the 1st Waxing to 3rd Wanning Day of Thadingyut


Inle Lake, Southern Shan State


Locals pay respects to Buddha images that are wrapped in thick gold layers. One-legged boat race is a main attraction during this festival

People gather at Inle Lake in September to celebrate this festival. This is considered the largest Buddhist celebration in the Inle Lake, Shan. Tourists and pilgrims come to this pagoda to see the Buddha images that are enshrined in it. The images are covered with so many layers of gold leaf that the actual features could no longer be recognised. Attendees pay tribute to the Buddha images by placing offerings on the pagoda and providing donations to monks nearby. There are rituals involving attendees dancing and singing. Tourists also get to enjoy the unique one-legged boat race that could only be seen in Myanmar.

Other Festivals in September

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