Tourists need to take note of a few things to ensure a fun and memorable stay Myanmar. Here are a some things that will help them:

Getting Around in Myanmar

  • Please request a map when you visit the local tourism office.
  • Please ask for directions if not sure.
  • Please plan ahead so you can spend a memorable time in Myanmar.
  • Please be careful when crossing the roads.
  • Please take precautions while travelling during rainy seasons.
  • Please carry a light bag, to avoid draining your strength as you explore Myanmar.
  • Tourists are requested to wear appropriate clothing. The local people of Myanmar are sentimental about places of religious worship and hence do not appreciate revealing clothes.

Travelling Essentials in Myanmar

  • Travel Brochures/Guide Books/Booklet
  • Passport
  • Visa (Find out more about visa requirements here)
  • Photocopies of travel and personal documents
  • Insect sprays
  • Basic first-aid kit
  • Torchlight
  • Extra towels and socks to cope up with the humid environment

Interacting with the Locals

  • The locals are friendly, helpful and polite.
  • They are always eager to help, as long as you ask politely.
  • The people love to hear you speak their language.
  • They will be delighted if you join them in their celebrations.
  • Please refrain from behaving inappropriately in public.

Did You Know?

  • In Myanmar, the head is the most respected part of the body. Touching someone’s head is considered disrespectful and aggressive.
  • Pointing with your foot is highly discouraged as it is rude to do so. Tuck in your legs when you sit and remember not to let your feet face Buddha shrines.
  • Extending your right hand and holding your forearm with the other when receiving things from the locals is a sign of respect and courtesy.

Protect the Environment

  • To prevent excessive plastic waste in the country, bring your own water container and refill it when you run out of water.
  • Water is scarce in Myanmar. Save water by turning off the tap when not in use.
  • You can return brochures and maps to where you got them from for other tourists to use and help to save paper.
  • Opt for eco-friendly modes of transportation.
  • It is highly discouraged for you to pet or feed animals in wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Visit sanctuaries with experts who can guide you to a safe up-close encounter with wild animals.
  • Refrain from purchasing wildlife-related products.
  • Refrain from consuming the meat of endangered species to battle illegal wildlife trade.
  • Please do not cut or break tree branches in sanctuaries and forests.
  • Please do not throw garbage into waterbodies.

Protect Myanmar’s History and Artefacts

  • Please do not climb the ruins of historical and religious sites.
  • Please ask for permission if you are unsure about entering important areas.
  • Please ask for permission before touching religious or historical items and when you do, please be careful when handling them.
  • Please do not remove any precious artefacts from historical, religious and archaeological sites.
  • Please do not buy protected historical and archaeological artefacts.
  • Please do not accept gifts in the forms of protected artefacts.

Culture and Traditions of Myanmar

  • Please respect the customs of the people.
  • Please be aware of your reactions and comments about their culture.
  • Please ask for permission before you take any photos in case there is a religious programme is on.
  • Please refrain from using flash when you take photos of people conducting religious rituals.
  • Please dress decently and remove your shoes and socks when visiting religious sites as a form of respect.
  • Please understand the traditions and culture of a region or state so that you can display appropriate behaviour when you travel to the area.
  • Please note that it is disrespectful to touch the monks.

Places in Myanmar that require Prior Permission


Permission needed in remote areas

Permission needed in entire areas

Kachin State

Putao Township

Machanbaw Township

Mansi Township

Momauk Township

Waingmaw Township

Naungmoon Township

Khaunglanphoo Township

Sumprabum Township

Phakant Township

Tanaing Township

Ingyanyan Township

Chiphwe Township

Hsotlaw Township


Kayah State

Dimawso Township



Shardaw Township

Parsaung Township

Bawlakhe Township

Meisi Township


Kayin State

Kawkareik Township

Kyondoe Town

Hlaingbwe Township

Paingkyon Town

Shanywathit Town

Thandaunggyi Township

Leiktho Town

Bawgali Town


Kyarinseikkyi Township

Payarthonezu Town

Kyaidon Town

Pharpon Township

Kamamaung Town


Sagaing Region


Nanyun Township


Tanintharyi Division

Bokepyin Township

Pyigyimandaing Town

Karathuri Town

Kyunsu Township



Bago Region

Shwegyin Township



Mon State

Bilin Township

Thaton Town

Ye Township


Kyaikemaraw Township

Thanbyuzayat Township


Shan State

Yatsauk Township

Loilin Township

Panglong Town

Namhsam Township

Kholan Town

Kunhing Township

Karli Town

Lechar Township

Linkhe Township

Mone Township

Lashio Township

Theinni Township

Tantyan Township

Kunlon Township

Mineye Township

Kyaukme Township

Hsipaw Township

Naung Hkio Township

Namtu Township

Namhsam Township

Momeik Township

Mabane Township

Minesat Township

Mine Tung Township

Makman Township


Kehsi Township

Mongkai Township

Mineshu Township

Minepan Township

Maukme Township

Manton Township

Laukine Township

Kongyan Township

Minelar (Special region – 4)

Naphang (Special region – 2)

Panwine (Special region – 2)

Pansan (Special region – 2)

Minemaw (Special region – 2)


Rakhine State

All areas except downtown Sittwe

All areas outside Sittwe